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As a professional Community Association Manager, I have worked with Jim Walsh and J. Walsh Insurance for more than eight years.  From the start, this brokerage stood out among the crowd displaying levels of competency and professionalism others simply did not.  From the easy, efficient quoting process which reduced the amount of time I needed to spend soliciting quotes for my clients, to the claim filing process which has been a real lifesaver time and time again, I am very happy to advocate on behalf of this brokerage.

One of the biggest costs the Associations I manage will incur every year is their insurance.  It makes up a very significant portion of their budgets.  When I take on a new Association, I frequently ask Jim to provide me an insurance quote.  Apples-to-apples with their current policy, the quote Jim provides often saves these communities significantly when compared to the policies they come to me with.  The Boards love to be able to spend these savings on capital projects, catching up on differed maintenance, and contributing to the Association's reserve fund.  In some cases this has allowed us to avoid raising assessment fees, which keeps the Owners happy.  I recommend J. Walsh Insurance's Condo Pro-Program to every multi-family property I work with and have had nothing but great results!

Greg Phillips, CMCA

President, Community Association Manager

G.S. Phillips & Co. Inc.

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