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Property Pro-Program

Insurance solutions designed specifically for apartment communities and investment property.

J. Walsh Insurance is proud to present the premier property insurance program in the St. Louis region.  Derived from our strong relationships with more than 50 apartment communities and more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, the Property Pro-Program provides property owners with peace of mind when it comes to the coverage they receive and costs they incur.  The program goal is to identify the individual risks a property is vulnerable to and subsequently develop a custom-tailored package to provide comprehensive coverage, offering protection our clients can count on, at a competitive rate.

The Property Pro-Program and the customized protections it offers has made J. Walsh Insurance one of the most trusted names in the industry and in the eyes and minds of condominium Boards across the region!  Today, you have the opportunity to learn how we routinely save our clients 15-20% off their previous year premiums, while providing them with more comprehensive protection and a low deductible for routine claims such as wind or hail damage.

Basics: Common Claims

Property owners and managers know the most common claims are due to intrinsic unavailability.  Such common claims include fire, flood, burglary, wind/hail, and slip and fall.  These are just some of the frequent issues property owners must protect themselves against.  The J. Walsh Insurance Property Pro-Program specifically ensures property owners are comprehensively protected against common losses such as these, providing peace of mind.

Property Pro-Program - Coverage Comparison

Though each of our policies are customized to the individual needs of our clients, there are certain best-practices that we apply to each and every policy we provide.  Below is a comparison of the benefits the Property Pro-Program offers in contrast to the plans widely offered by our competitors.

Property Pro-Program - Cost Comparison 

Obtaining the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate is the objective of every property owner or investor when shopping for insurance coverage.  The Property Pro-Program makes it easy to obtain the coverage you need without paying for coverages that are unnecessary.  The below cost comparison is based on a general apartment complex policy.  The policy on the right is our competitor’s offer, and on the left is the customized coverage offered by J. Walsh Insurance.  The numbers speak for themselves!

Low Income Housing Protections

Loss of low income housing tax credit funds can make or break the bottom line of property owners who operate low income housing facilities.  Should a loss occur, whether it be to a single low income occupied unit, or an entire building, the tax subsidies are typically halted immediately as that funding must follow the low-income tenant to their new residence.  Many owners budget to include this additional funding, and losing it can wreak havoc on the books.  The Property Pro-Program offers an optional coverage that, if taken, will act as a stop-gap and provide this necessary funding if the property becomes ineligible for it due to a covered loss.

Historical Housing Community Protections

Like low income housing owners, those who own historical buildings or renovate such property commonly budget for significant financial assistance in the form of tax credits or subsidies.  Should a loss occur, it could alter an owner’s property in such a way where it no longer would be eligible for such tax credits.  For these situations, the Property Pro-Program has the answer, and will provide this necessary funding in the case of a covered loss.

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